Electronic communication continues to grow in importance as a tool to support trade in goods and services, in particular between buyers and sellers based in different countries. Banks, for example, have notably extensive experience in this area,while public administrations are increasingly developing e-government services for their domestic needs. As the supply chain has become international, the need has arisen for global standards to define the identities of trading partners for the purposes of invoicing, customs declarations and payments. Businesses, consumers and government agencies are all faced with the challenge to understand ‘who is who’ in the digital and global supply chain.This requires a global approach to identity management.This paper discusses the fundamental issues regarding identities in business applications and payment systems.

Quelle/Link: The digital identity of legal entities: Current status and the way forward, Journal of Payments Strategy & Systems Vol. 12, No. 1 2018, pp. 1–7, Author: Gerard Hartsink

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