Von Ralf Keuper

Das Zusammenspiel der elektronischen Unterschrift mit dem Bezahlvorgang und automatisch ausführbaren Verträgen wird die digitale Ökonomie nach Ansicht des Gründers von DocuSign, Tom Gonser, revolutionieren. In einem Interview erläuterte Gonser wie dieses Zusammenspiel aussehen könnte:

Now with DocuSign, I can put a secure payment surface area into any document. That could be a web link on my website where someone signs up for something; it could be something that we have a conversation about and I send you a contract through DocuSign. It’s any number of areas that can be put in place. One of the benefits is that the payments infrastructure is between DocuSign and the payment gateway — both highly secure systems. The user doesn’t have to be involved with any of that stuff. It’s totally safe from that perspective; radically fast to deploy; super safe from a PCI compliance perspective; and I can deploy it in any document (in: DocuSign founder Tom Gonser on the future of digital identity; a potential IPO; and Seattle vs. San Francisco).

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