Wer sich für die aktuelle Entwicklung im Bereich Blockchain auf europäischer Ebene interessiert, sollte mal beim EU.Blockchainforum vorbeischauen, insbesondere bei den Reports.

Beispiel: Blockchain and Digital Identity

There are few things more central to a functioning society and economy than identity. Without a way to identify each other and our possessions we would hardly be able to build large nations or create global markets.
Yet the larger and more complex a society or market is, the more dif cult identity becomes. In the physical world, we have developed various ways to deal with this, usually involving some kind of “proof” of identity claims, from wax seals and letters of introduction in pre-industrial times to the passports, driving licences and diplomas we are familiar with today.
To create a digital economy, we need to have similar kinds of proofs, or “credentials”, in the digital world. These too have been developed over the years, starting with simple digital representations of our physical, paper-based documents and moving on to more sophisticated means of digital identification like digital certificates, e-signatures, private/public key cryptography and hashing – methods that can help uniquely identify a piece of digital data (for example a digital document) and “prove” ownership of it. …