Better Identity in America: A Blueprint for Policymakers

… There is no Federal law that requires Americans to obtain an identity card or any other identity credential. To be clear, for all purposes nearly every American needs to get a credential, since some sort of government-issued identity document is required to open a bank account, get a job, pay taxes, receive government benefits, drive a car, board a plane or purchase alcohol. However, if someone does not need to do any of those things, there is no law that requires them to get an ID.

America’s policy here stands in contrast to that of other countries that have a mandatory national ID. While the United States has long rejected efforts to create a national ID, the lack of such an ID does not mean that the United States does not have a governmentbacked identity system. Instead, a patchwork system has emerged of identifiers and credentials issued by a variety of different Federal, state and local entities. This patchwork has worked relatively well for in-person transactions where it was important to verify someone’s identity; service providers could simply ask to see someone’s credentials. However, the model has fallen apart online. …

Quelle / Link: Better Identity in America: A Blueprint for Policymakers

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