This white paper explains the key concerns, architecture and principles of Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) as it applies in the Gaia-X ecosystem. Self-Sovereign Identity ensures secure and trustworthy digitalisation in the decentralised ecosystem that Gaia-X aims to be. Without the need for a conventional central Identity Management System (IdM), the Self-Sovereign Identity concept enables any subject, such as a person, organisation or even a machine, to manage their digital identities and associated credentials like membership cards, certificates or Self-Descriptions in a self-sovereign manner. Crypto standards and Self-Sovereign Identity standards, in combination with Web3- compliant technology components, enable the Gaia-X ecosystem to gain the required level of trust without the need for centrally hosted and controlled Identity Providers (IDPs).

Quelle / Link: Gaia-X secure and trustworthy ecosystems with Self Sovereign Identity