Von Ralf Keuper

Der Identity-Provider LuxTrust aus Luxemburg und itsme, die mobile Identifizierungslösung belgischer Banken, machen ihre Applikationen interoperabel, so dass sie in beiden Ländern genutzt werden können (Vgl. dazu: LuxTrust, itsme® Launch Interoperable Digital Identity in Luxembourg, Belgium).

Together, the two companies aim to offer a fully interoperable solution to the EU market with the highest level of assurance. The objective is to create a Belgo-Luxembourg digital identity ecosystem, creating value for citizens, businesses and institutions in both countries. …

The second stage of the operation started on Wednesday and will allow Luxembourg companies using LuxTrust platforms to offer their customers itsme® as one of the means to authenticate and confirm their transactions, and even later to generate a LuxTrust digital signature.