Von Ralf Keuper

Laut der aktuellen Studie Internet of Things in Banking Market” von Industry Research wird der Markt für IoT-Banking in den nächsten Jahren jährlich um 18,5 % wachsen.

Wesentliche Erkenntnisse:

  • Security is of the utmost importance in the banking system. A bank can only function on the trust. IoT will aid banks considerably in this regard by introducing a strong identity verification, privacy and protection system. Biometrics are already being used widely, and geolocation abilities of mobile devices are majorly becoming the key drivers for the growth of market.
  • The future of the market in the banking sector is expected to be focused on offering securing IoT devices to improve insights on customer behavior analysis. However, the greater vulnerability to cyber attacks, owing to the increased number of IoT devices end-points is challenging the growth of the market.<

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