Von Ralf Keuper

Der US-amerikanische Telekommunikationskonzern Verizon plant, die Geräte seiner Kunden mittels subscriber identity modules (vSIMs) zu sichern, wie in Verizon Awarded Patent for Blockchain-Based Virtual SIM Cards berichtet wird.

Der Artikel beruft sich auf eine Patentanmeldung von Verizon.


A method is provided for using virtual subscriber identity modules (vSIMs) for client devices. A network device receives a selection of network services to be associated with a virtual subscriber identity module (vSIM); initiates creation of a blockchain including a vSIM certificate for the network services; associates the vSIM certificate with a user account; receives, from a client device associated with the user account, an access request for the vSIM certificate; activates, in response to the access request, the client device for access to the network services; and provides instructions to update the blockchain in response to the activating. Thus, the vSIM can be retrieved and used by any one of different devices associated with the user account or loaned to other users.


Quelle: United States Patent. Polehn et al.