Von Ralf Keuper

Wie wäre es, wenn der Wasserverbrauch in Echtzeit berechnet und bezahlt wird? Diese Frage behandelt der Beitrag Community Use Cases: Smart Payments for Water Consumption.

Der Anwendungsfall:

As of today, we have water consumption meters installed at our residences by the Water Municipality Board (WMB). On a monthly basis, a person appointed from WMB comes to records the reading from the meter and drops over the bill copy at the residence to pay the water bill within a due date.

Mit FINN könnte das bald der Vergangenheit angehören:

FINN can be used to automate the payment as well as notify the owner about the volume of water consumed on a timely basis. In order to make use of FINN, residences should have smart meters equipped with an ESP-32 board and a Water Flow Sensor to measure the volume of water consumed.

Jede Smart Meter – Applikation erhält eine eindeutige ID, die wiederum mit der ID des Verbrauchers verknüpft ist. Die Applikation…

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