Von Ralf Keuper

Dass Microsoft intensiv an einer Personal Data Bank arbeitet, war bekannt (Vgl. dazu: Projekt “Bali” – Microsoft arbeitet an einer Personal Data Bank). Nun stellt Alex Simons von Microsoft Azure in Identity Hubs as personal datastores die, wenn man so will, Weiterführung der Idee vor.

Identity Hubs are decentralized, off-chain, personal datastores that put control over personal data in the hands of users. They allow users to store their sensitive data—identity information, official documents, app data, etc.—in a way that prevents anyone from using their data without their explicit permission.

Users can use their Identity Hubs to securely share their data with other people, apps, and businesses, providing access to the minimum amount of data necessary, while retaining a record of its use.

Die personenbezogenen Daten werden dabei außerhalb der Blockchain oder Distributed Ledger – Variante gespeichert. Sie werden über Geräte und Clouds verteilt, so dass kein Single Point of Vulnerability entstehen kann:

A key property of the Hub is the ability to sync and replicate across device(s) a…

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