The objective of the SAMPL project is the development of a comprehensive security solution – also known as a chain of trust – for additive production processes. The process starts with the generation of the digital 3D print data and the exchange of the data with a 3D print service provider. The 3D printers are protected by special Secure Elements and the secure additive manufacturing process is completed by the capability of identifying the printed components by means of an imprinted RFID chip. In addition to the currently available mechanisms for the encryption of 3D data a digital license management based on Blockchain technology will be integrated into the data exchange solution OpenDXM GlobalX of PROSTEP AG. The Industry 4.0 Standard OPC-UA will be used as an interface to exchange the certification and licensing data between the rights holder and the recipient.

Quelle / Link: SAMPL (Secure Additive Manufacturing Platform)

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3D-Druckerhersteller integriert SAMPL-Technologie als erster Hersteller in seine Anlagen 

Bauteile aus 3D-Druckern zweifelsfrei identifizieren