Von Ralf Keuper

Das Feld der Selbstsouveränen Digitalen Identitäten wird bereits von mehreren Initiativen und Unternehmen beackert. Fast alle setzen dabei auf die Blockchain-Technologie, wie Sovrin.

Eine relativ neue Initiative ist Concordium, die mit Slogan “Privacy-centric, public and permissionless Blockchain, built for businesses” wirbt.

Concordium in wenigen Sätzen:

The Concordium Platform is designed to be fast, secure and cost-effective. Concordium’s innovative identity layer provides on-chain identity compliance-centric payments and enhanced privacy for users, while also allowing for the de-anonymization of network participants. Concordium’s two-layer consensus protocol consists of a Nakamoto-style consensus blockchain and a finality layer for fast confirmation of transactions. Our sharding design enables high transaction throughput and private shards for business use cases and sensitive data. Concordium also enables interoperability and communication between shards and between Concordium and other blockchains. Concordium has a standards-based smart contract core with multi-language support. The Concordium Platform also features a transparent incentive structure with cost-eff…