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Roadmap to Blockchain: Institution to Individual

Individual-centric, scalable Health Data Storage which securely allows organizations to share data with individuals and stakeholders. Sharing and Privacy together.

Blockchain platforms & apps will use DLT technologies for a immutable data transaction record not for data storage.

Blockchain Benefits for Health Data Sharing

  • Combine general population data with the individual’s data.
  • Validated data, yet private: a private patient ID.
  • Any kind of data profile for an individual, IoT, etc.
  • Individuals choose desired level of privacy to a public (or other) store for research.
  • See how one’s DNA profile is related to personal information.
  • Potential for complete, longitudinal data of individual and population, with trust.
  • Sharing can be compensated.
  • Distributed data model improves security, lowers costs

Link: Health Data & Blockchain: The New Sharing Frontier

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