The Internet of things (IoT) will accommodate several billions of devices to the Internet to enhance human society as well as to improve the quality of living. A huge number of sensors, actuators, gateways, servers, and related end-user applications will be connected to the Internet. All these entities require identities to communicate with each other. The communicating devices may have mobility and currently, the only main identity solution is IP based identity management which is not suitable for the authentication and authorization of the heterogeneous IoT devices. Sometimes devices and applications need to communicate in real-time to make decisions within very short times. Most of the recently proposed solutions for identity management are cloud-based. Those cloud-based identity management solutions are not feasible for heterogeneous IoT devices. In this paper, we have proposed an edge-fog based decentralized identity management and authentication solution for IoT devices (IoTD) and edge IoT gateways (EIoTG). We have also presented a secure communication protocol for communication between edge IoT devices and edge IoT gateways. The proposed security protocols are verified using Scyther formal verification tool, which is a popular tool for automated verification of security protocols. The proposed model is specified using the PROMELA language. SPIN model checker is used to confirm the specification of the proposed model. The results show different message flows without any error.

Quelle / Link: IMSC-EIoTD: Identity Management and Secure Communication for Edge IoT Devices