Von Ralf Keuper

Das Berliner Startup Spherity, das dezentrale Identitäten in das Industrielle Internet der Dinge bringen will, hat vom High-Tech-Gründerfonds eine Finanzierung erhalten (Vgl. dazu: The decentralized identity and digital twin pioneer Spherity receives Seed Financing from HTGF). Der HTGF ist gleichzeitig Lead Investor.

Christian Zach, Investmentmanager beim HTGF:

When companies, machines, smart devices and algorithms interact in the digitally world, they must be certain exchanging data with the correct interaction partner. Since most of today’s systems remain siloed and optimized for internal processes, this trust can only be achieved through a high level of bilateral integration. To solve this problem, Spherity secures digital business processes by assigning unique digital identities to companies, machines, intelligent devices and algorithms. The so-called digital twins of these entities sign all transactions and their connected data in the digital world cryptographically. This guarantees crystal-clear authenticity and a tamper-proof data exchange in complex business processes and value chains.

Der Gründer von Spherity, Carsten Stöcker, hat in mehreren Artikeln das Prinzip von Sphertiy erläutert.

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