Aus einem Interview mit Rouven Heck von uPort.

Verimi sounds very interesting and a good step towards an alternative to Google & Facebook, but from my limited knowledge from the public information, it’s ultimately a platform which is operated by one entity. This entity is in control of users IDs and their data. Therefore whilst it seems like a great offering for German and European customers, it’s not fundamentally different from existing federated systems.

I don’t believe it’s either desirable or likely that we will end up with one identity provider. I assume that to establish a truly globally accepted identity system, it needs to be an open standard technology stack, which is not controlled from any individual or group of companies. Like TCP/IP or HTTP are open standards which are adopted around the world to build the internet as we know it – I believe the future is a similar identity protocol based on the decentralized and self-sovereign principle. That is one of the reasons, why we are a founding member and strong supporter of the Decentralized Identity Foundation (DIF), which now includes a number of startup competitors as well as big companies like Microsoft & IBM as member

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